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If you want to keep your natural teeth until you die, you must take care of them and your gums with good dental hygiene.  The best water picks for teeth and brace wearers are good to use to keep gums healthy firm andBest water picks pink.  Water picks help to dislodge food between tightly spaced teeth and those wearing tight-fitted braces.

Standard dental floss is thought to be the best way for cleaning tight teeth spaces, but recently when I was having my teeth cleaned, my dental hygienist said it’s not recommended anymore.  I do know if you wear crowns and you pull down on the floss, you can cause a crown to come loose and fall off.  I did that with a gold crown and had to have all of my teeth occluded again after it was put back on.  Occlusion is your bite—how the top and bottom teeth come together and is very important to have it be correct.

Dental Floss vs Water Pick for Teeth and Gums

For me, I do both.  I do not pull the floss down and simply slide it out from the top using a water pick in between.  I want happy teeth and healthy gums and I know you do too.  It’s best to start kids early so they don’t have a mouth full of temporary silver fillings until their permanent teeth come in.  That is painful for them and costly for you.

Many denBest water pickstists still think the best way to clean in between teeth is with floss.  Then a water pick, which is an oral irrigator using water that aims a stream of water at your teeth and gums.  It too can remove food from your teeth and help to reduce gum disease and bleeding.  Floss will do that too.  Remember, a water pick is not to take the place of brushing three times a day and flossing.  I use an electric toothbrush and since using it I’ve had no cavities in many years.  Hand brushing can never have the power of an electric brush.

Use waxed dental floss if the non-waxed gets stuck between your teeth.  There are also toothpick holders that I love to trace the gums, go between gums and teeth to keep the pockets at a low level.  When pockets are too deep at number 5, you are at risk for gum disease.  A periodontist can tell you more about this and gums.  There are different types of sticks to massage gums and go between the teeth as well.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Oral health cannot be stressed enough because bad gums and gum disease can lead to other health problems to include the heart.  To be successful, you will need a manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush, dental floss, and a water irrigator.  Those of you with existing gum disease will need to use all of these plus whatever tools your periodontist suggests.

Best water picks

The bad effects that gum disease has on your health could be very serious and life threatening as well.  You do swallow what’s in your mouth and your blood vessels carry bacteria as well.  To be 100% healthy, you must have healthy gums and teeth.  Besides, you will have a sweeter smelling breath when close to others.

Do you know that vitamin C is good for gums?  Make some fresh squeezed orange juice each morning for you and your family for better gum health.

What Causes Gum Recession and How to Treat It video.

Best Water Picks for Teeth and Braces

1. Waterpik® Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

Best water picks

Best water picks

The Waterpik® item model number WP-660 on® is a best-selling unit at an affordable price for all it will do for your gums to be healthy.  This is my favorite and is the most advanced.  It comes in white, black, and blue to match your bathroom décor.

Use this if you have braces, implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, and partials.  It will reduce plaque, help with gingivitis, and gum disease such as pyorrhea.  The design is modern, has an off/on water control right on the handle with an LED (light emitting diode) information panel.

It comes with 7 water flosser tips and 10 pressure settings with pulsations to give you maximum plaque removal in the floss mode with more gum stimulation and improved gum circulation in the hydro-pulse massage mode.  The 1-minute timer with 30-second pacer lets you know you have thoroughly flossed all the gum/teeth areas with the water action.  Use it for 1-minute a day for healthier, firmer, and pinker gums.  Get rid of bad breath with a Waterpik®!

Best water picks

The Aquarius® comes with 3 classic jet tips, 1 toothbrush tip, 1 plaque seeker tip, 1 orthodontic tip, and 1 pike pocket tip.  It holds 21-ounces of water.

You can share the unit with others, just don’t use the same tips.

Best water picks

The unit is for use in North America only and shipment outside is prohibited.  Plug the 4-foot UL® listed power cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet.  The output power is 12.5-Watts.  The cord to your mouth is about 2-feet long.

Gift-wrapping is available for your loves ones.  You will receive a User’s Manual and a 3-year Warranty.  The product is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).  It is designed and tested in the USA and made in China.

Introducing the Waterpik® Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser video.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser — Dental Professional shows how to use video.


2. Waterpik® Complete Care 7.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Tooth Brush

Best water picks

Best water picks

The Waterpik® water flosser and sonic tooth brush item model number WP-950 is a 2-in-1 unit using only 1 plug for both functions.  It is a choice best seller on® available in black or white to harmonize with your bathroom.  This provides the best healthcare for your teeth and gums in one device.

It’s superb for those with implants, braces, crowns, veneers, and bridges and best for those who have their natural teeth to keep them natural for life.  It will remove plaque and food particles below your gum line where bacteria start for tooth decay.  The water pressure and pulsations work well for super clean teeth and healthy gums.  Regular flossing cannot get to all the areas so both solutions are the way to go.

Best water picks

Fill the reservoir with warm water if your teeth are sensitive or with cold water if you have no sensitivities.  Mouthwash can be used as well.  You will have 90-seconds of water capacity during your use.

You will receive a hard-plastic travel case for the brush, a covered tip and brush head compartment that holds 5 tips.  The water switch is on the handle and the top has a lid that closes to keep dirt and dust out.

Best water picks

What you get:

  • Waterpik Complete Care System
  • Sensonic Sonic Toothbrush
  • 2 Classic Jet Tips
  • 1 Plaque Seeker Tip
  • 1 Orthodontic Tip
  • 1 Pik Pocket Tip
  • 2 Standard Brush Heads
  • 2 Compact Brush Heads

The toothbrush has a 30-second pause so that you can move on to the next quarter in your mouth.  After 2-minutes of use, it automatically shuts off.  The brush unit stays charged when you keep it plugged in and I’ve taken it with me on trips without the cord and it stays charged about a week.  The water flosser is not portable; it needs electricity to work, and of course water.  You can take the entire unit with you however.

Best water picks

The unit is for use in North America only and shipment outside is prohibited.  Plug the 44-inch UL® listed power cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet.  The water flosser hose is about 34-inches long.  The output power is 18-Watts.

Gift-wrapping is available for your loves ones.  You will receive a User’s Manual and a 3-year Warranty.  The product is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).  It is designed and tested in the USA and made in China.

How to Use the Waterpik® Complete Care 7.0 video.


3. Lantique Electric Water Flosser Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

Best water picks

Best water picks

The Lantique on® is a best seller with many stars and is ASIN B076FRC1V4 with model number RLI501/IPX7 by the manufacturer.  It is white with black accents to go with any bathroom décor.  Easy to use, and easy to take with you because it will hold its charge 14 days, you don’t have to take the charging stand with cord with you!  That is super convenient, and I like the carrying pouch so handy to toss into my purse or travel bag.  Others can put in their satchel or gym bag and take along to the office or wherever you go for a fresh breath and bright gleaming sparkling teeth.  Send one off with your college bound kids for preventing tooth decay.

Yes, you can use it in the shower because it’s waterproof.  Just don’t spit on yourself as I have done.  This water flosser, water pick, and oral irrigator is fantastic.

Best water picks

You will have 3 modes of normal, soft, and pulse for massaging your gums and keeping those pearly whites a bright white.  For water flossing it comes with 4 jet tips for braces, and all jet tips rotate 360-degrees.  These units are so effective and necessary for keeping out food debris used along with dental floss.  You will have less tooth decay, if any, tartar will be removed along with plaque, gums will never bleed or be sensitive to cold and hot food and beverages with the high-water pressure device.  When you use it the first time, soft is best as I found out.

Your entire family can use it with the 4 extra jet tips that come with the unit.  Just change out the nozzle and turn it on with its one button.

Best water picks

It has a built-in 1500 mA rechargeable lithium battery that cannot be replaced.  You will get with the unit a 5-Volt USB cable and charger adapter at later sales dates to plug into a USA, Canada, and Mexico 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle with its UL® listed cord.  Other countries might be able to use it with a 220/240-Volt adapter, but check if this can be done.

This flosser will run only 60-seconds rather than most that run for 120-seconds.  When standing there doing my teeth, 120-seconds seems like 10-minutes.  Additionally, you might like to know that it operates from 40- to 90-psi with 1700 pulses each minute.  This will assure you that 99.99% of plaque has been removed under the gum line.  The modes are: normal at 120 psi (strong); 40 psi (soft); pulsating at 40-120 psi (massage).

Use this if you have braces, implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, and partials.  It will reduce plaque, help with gingivitis, and gum disease such as pyorrhea.

Gift-wrapping is available for your kids, family and loved ones and you will receive an instruction booklet and a woven bag with the USB cord; the charging adapter is not included when this was written.  The flosser is made in China.

4. Wellness Oral Care Home Dental Center with Toothbrush and Water Flosser

Best water picks

Best water picks

The Wellness Oral Care, ASIN B01D9109PM on®, and manufacturer’s model number WE6200, is a super convenient all-in-one dental center for use right in your home.  Save money and time not visiting the dentist, except annual checkups, using this instead.  This is a best water pick for teeth and braces for adults and kids.

You get a lot of functioning things:  the base to sit everything in for the brush, the flosser, 8 attachments, and a lighted mirror for searching in your mouth.  Decrease the amount of money you spend at the dentist’s office when you can use the nozzles, heads, and tips for cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease eradication.  It will clean under your gum line where plaque forms to cause cavities and gum disease.  Have firm and healthy pink gums in only a few weeks using this appliance.

Best water picks

The fast-moving head turns at 31,000 vibrations per minute with 3 modes of soft at 40 psi, massage, and high at 80 psi movements.  The timer will alert you when 2-minutes are up and shut off.  The 30-second intervals stop to let you know to go to another quadrant for another 30-seconds.  This way you will know each 4 parts of your mouth are cleaned the same amount of time.  The nozzle tips are removable and rotate 360-degrees.  You will also receive 2 standard nozzles, an interdental head, a tongue cleaner, and an orthodontic tip.

Best water picks

The built-in battery will let you use it on one single charge.  An A/C adapter comes with the device for charging.  The 3 brushes are different colors for each family member using DuPont® bristles.  It is waterproof, but do not uBest water picksse the cord in a shower or you could be electrocuted.  The water reservoir holds 5-ounces of water and has a lid to keep it clean inside.  Read your instruction manual to determine if you can use mouthwash in the tank.  The dental center is FDA registered.

If you want the Wellness toothbrush sanitizer with UV light, you can buy it here.

Gift-wrapping is available for your kids, family and loved ones and you will receive an instruction booklet, the USB cord, and the charging adapter.  The Warranty is applicable in the USA and Canada for products purchased and used in the USA and Canada.  The Wellness Oral Care Warranty does not apply if the product was not originally designed, manufactured, approved, and/or authorized for the country where you use the product.  All Wellness Oral Care products are fully covered against manufacture defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase.  The unit is made in China.

Take your dental hygiene routine to the next level from Wellness Oral Care video.


5. Waterpik® Water Flosser for Kids

Best water picks

Best water picks

The Waterpik® flosser for kids is safe by design and is affordable to keep their teeth and gums in shape.  The item model number WP260 on® is a best seller and kids love it just for them making it a fun experience.  It’s superb for flossing with water around braces much better than standard floss string that gets caught in them.  This is the best water pick for kids with braces.

The unit is best to use with kids aged 6 and older.  The on/off switch is easy for their small fingers.  You will receive an orthodontic tip for braces and a jet tip for general cleaning.  Kids without braces will benefit from this flosser as well.

Best water picks

Keep gum disease away when your kids reduce plaque and food particles within their teeth spaces for them to have healthier teeth and firm pink gums.  The water flosser is better than just manually brushing for cleaner teeth with braces.  Get a great dental water pick for kids for them to have a fresh clean breath.

Just for kids are 20 removable cling decals for personalizing their flosser.  This will inspire cleaning their teeth and bragging to their friends.

Best water picks

Plaque under the gum line will be removed up to 99.9%.  You will receive 2 tips, pressure control on the unit for 3 settings, a reservoir that holds enough water to last 60 or more seconds, and you can turn thBest water pickse reservoir over when finished to use as a lid for keeping it clean.  It is small and quiet and easy to use.  It does not have a pause sequence as do the adult Waterpik® models.  Adults can use this unit, but the adult models are stronger.

The pressure range on this unit is 10 to 80 psi and the rate flow each minute is 13-ounces.  The pulses are 1400 each minute.  It does not have LED lights or rotating tips.

It is 7.1-inches tall with a 5-inch square base in white and green.  You can travel with it too since it’s lightweight at under 1-pound.

Gift-wrapping is available for kids you care about in your family and your friends.  You will receive a User’s Manual and a 2-year Warranty.  The product is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).  It is designed and tested in the USA and made in China.

How to use the kids Waterpik® flosser video.

Final Thoughts

For the best water picks for teeth and braces for adults and kids, the evaluations above should be the best ones to buy for you, your family, and young kids.  Keep yourself and your family free from painful gums and pain from tooth decay when you use water picks and irrigators.  They work!  Happy shopping!

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