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You will need the best thermometer for children and adults when they are sick to check their fever.Best thermometers Baby thermometers are necessary because baby temperatures must never be over 104-degrees F. for three days that can cause seizures.  Thermometers for the elderly are important to have as well.  If you think someone is coming down with something and is running a fever, be sure you have a thermometer on hand.  It’s always nice to have one readily available not needing to dash out to the drugstore to buy one in times of need.

If anyone’s temperature runs high for over three days, you will need to see your healthcare provider for them. If you need a blood pressure monitor, read about them here for kids and adults.

It might be hard to decide which thermometer to buy with the many types available today.  There are digital stick types and infrared digital types.  Read the best thermometer buying guide below to help you choose.  If you need to check the heart rate for adults, check those out here.

The products evaluated below are for babies and toddlers to include young kids, teenagers, adults, and elders such as grandparents.  Digital infrared thermometers will give you accurate readings.  Gone are the days of using mercury due to safety and health issues.

Features to Consider Buying Thermometers for Children and Adults

Teens and adults usually have no problem using the infrared or oral thermometers.  It should be comfortable wherever it is used such as in the ear, in the mouth, or rectally for infants and young babies and toddlers.  For those under 3- to 5-years of age, they might have a difficult time keeping a stick thermometer under their tongue.  These children will need to use a rectal, forehead, or ear thermometer for accurate results.  Some forehead thermometers will talk.

At the temple close to each eye is the temporal artery.  The infrared thermometers read the heat energy emitted by this artery for perfect temperature results.  This type is the best for infants, toddlers, and young children.  If the thermometer shows there is a fever, you must retake the child’s temperature with a rectal thermometer.  You do not want to take chances with youngsters or elders.

Types of Thermometers

The old mercury glass bulb type has replaced the new digital and infrared thermometers.  I still have one and use it because I’m used to it and it is accurate.  No batteries are needed, and it goes into my mouth under my tongue.

Best thermometers

Best Digital Stick Thermometers

The stick thermometer is digital with an on/off switch.  It is the least expensive Best thermometersand the one most often used.  It can be placed under the tongue for anyone who can hold it there.  It would not be good for infants and young toddlers since they are too young to understand keeping it under their tongue.

Many of these have a start/stop button with an LCD (liquid crystal display) readout.  Most also have a beep sound when the temperature is reached.  It uses batteries to operate and the tip that goes into the mouth can be rigid or flexible.  It can be used under armpits, rectally, or orally.  When you are shopping, be sure to check the specifications to see if the stick thermometer you want has multiple functions.  Some of the thermometers with flexible tips have more functions while others do not.

Best Infrared Digital Thermometers

The digital infrared units are fast wBest thermometersith the temperature readout in only 1- to 3-seconds.  They can be more difficult to put into position.  These are more expensive but not necessarily more exact than the cheaper digital stick.

The infrared tympanic thermometer goes inside the ear canal and this one is easier for infants and toddlers to manage.  Be sure the probe tip is room temperature because if it’s cold, you will get a cooler reading.  With some models, a prewarming feature is included for a more accurate readout, such as the Braun®, shown below.

The forehead types are preferred over the ear canal and oral units for infants and toddlers however.  For babies under 3-years-old, the rectal thermometer is best.  An armpit temperature might be easier, but it’s the least accurate.  If the armpit temperature is above 99-degrees F., double-check it by taking a rectal temperature.

The best kids’ thermometer is held 1- to 2-inches from the child’s forehead and does not touch the skin.  You press a button to show you two red circles of light on the forehead with the temperature being displayed.  If your child is fidgety, agitated, or impatient, you might not get an exact reading.  Most of these come with a beep sound when the reading is finished.

Features to Consider

Even though digital thermometers are small devices, some of them have convenient features that many users like.  Beeping when the time is up keeps you from staring at the clock.  Some brands have curved or soft tips for children’s inner mouth.  Some have backlit digital displays, and some do not.

Some brands or models for the best baby, toddler, adult, elderly temperature thermometers will come with a protective case, probe cover, and other add-ons that could be a choking risk for youngsters; so, keep an eye on them when taking their temperature.

A good idea is to buy a few of the cheap digital stick thermometers—one for oral and one for rectal temperate taking.  This way you won’t contaminate your child with bacteria from either end of the body.  Always wash and disinfect after use with soapy hot water then with alcohol.  Put a label on both for the area of the body they are used for.

Children 3 and Older

If you can keep the thermometer in their mouth for an accurate reading, the oral stick types are okay to use.  An ear thermometer is harder to use for an accurate result and can be tricky to get into place.  The temporal artery at the temples read infrared heat and are good for babies 3-months and up and the rectal thermometer will give accurate results.

Give your sick child and everyone lots of water or hand squeezed orange juice with an easy to use convenient juicer.

Thermometers for Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors

Digital infrared and oral stick thermometers will give you an accurate temperature for anyone Best thermometersover 3-years-old.

When there is no model number, I use the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) that are unique blocks of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. You can find the ASIN on the item’s product information page at and in the URL for the page.

Best Thermometers for Children and Adults

1. Dr. Madre Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Talking

Best thermometers

The Dr. Madre, item model number H&PC-43898 on®, is a no-contact touch-free digital thermometer for instant results in Fahrenheit or Celsius in English and Spanish in only 1-second.  You will never struggle taking an infant, toddler, or youngster’s temperature because you don’t have to put anything in their ear, mouth, armpit, or bottom.  You can see the last 12 readings to track temperature history.

It will tell you the temperature with voice, yet you can turn it off to only read it if your child is asleep.  It is backlit, and the display reads out in blue or red even in the dark.  Just place it 2- to 4-inches away from the forehead for a temperature reading.

When your child is feverish or coming down with an illness, know the temperature quickly and call your pediatrician.  You can even take your child’s temp in the middle of the night never waking him or her up.  It has another feature to read the room temperature.

Best thermometers

Use this unit for a newborn infant, adults, and elders with any ages in between.  It uses 2 each AAA batteries, included, and rechargeable batteries are okay to use.  You can also store 2 spare batteries inside the plastic case.  It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for OTC (Over-the-Counter) purchase.

The thermometer comes in a heavy box for storing in your beside night table, medicine cabinet, or other storage area for keeping it clean.

Best thermometers

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with laminated instructions written by native language writers in English and Spanish for how to operate.  You will receive a 30-day free Money-back Guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer replacement Warranty.  It is made in China.

Thermometer – Introducing the Dr. Madre Touch-Free Accurate Forehead Thermometer video.


2. GoldWorld Digital Infrared Forehead/Ear/Temporal Thermometer

Best thermometers

The GoldWorld ASIN B075L9C4X6 on® is a best-selling thermometer for newborns, infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and elders for accurate temperature readings.  Home users and medical professionals use this unit alike since it fits in a top shirt pocket without a problem being only 4.72-inches long.

Use it in young baby’s ear canal, the small temple area to the sides of the eyes, or at the forehead.  This procedure can be done with all people as well.

Best therrmometers

It uses 1 each CR2032 battery shaped like a nickel.  The red backlit LED display tells you if your child or other person is running a fever over the normal temperature of 98.6-degrees F.  You will have accuracy ±0.5-degrees F. and ±0.3-degrees C.  You will see the temperature in 1-second by pressing a key.  In will automatically shut off in about 30-seconds to save battery life.  It can readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Best thermometers

Do not use this thermometer for pets, cooking food, or any other purpose.  Do not let it sit in the sun, close to solvents, or high temperatures; it could cause the battery to leak or explode.

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with instructions for how to operate.  You will receive a 100% free Money-back Guarantee or replacement and a Lifetime Warranty.  It is made in China.

3. Innovo Medical Digital Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Best thermometers

The Innovo Medical products company has their item model number EF-200v1-R on® as a best seller with much customer satisfaction at an affordable price for your children’s health.  It uses 2 modes for ear and forehead with a fever alert.  The Innovo is the #1 recommended thermometer by doctors and pediatricians.

The current year model is the only thermometer you will need for measuring body temperature by touching the forehead for all ages and in the ear canal for youngsters over 1-year-old.  For non-contact to the forehead, see the Innovo model #4 below.

Best thermometers

The infrared lens was upgraded to be more accurate in 2017.  Simply press ‘head’ (F1) for the forehead reading and press ‘ear’ (F2) for ear canal reading.  You will see the results displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius as you have selected instantly.  The unit can store 20 readings for you to recall without needing to write them down.  You cannot turn the sound off.

The alarm will beep when the temperature goes over 99.5-degrees F.  The unit comes with 2X AAA batteries for thousands of readings.  The thermometer is CE and FDA approved because it conforms to and meets the standard requirements of CE and the FDA.

Best thermometers

There is no ear probe cover that will make the readings false.  To clean the ear probe, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or cotton swab rub on, and wait until the alcohol evaporates before using it again.

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with instructions for how to operate.  You will receive a 1-year Warranty.  It is made in China.

Innovo Digital Infrared Forehead/Ear Thermometer Review video.


4. Innovo Medical Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Best thermometers

The Innovo Medical products company has their item model number FR201 on® as a best seller with much customer satisfaction at an inexpensive cost for your children’s health.  Just point the thermometer 1/2- to 2-inches away from the center of the person’s forehead and press the power button for no contact to the skin.

You will see the results within a second on the screen and it’s ideal for newborns, infants, youngsters, and anyone needing to know their temperature.  Use this type thermometer when your baby will not tolerate ear canal or oral temperature taking.  You will be alerted when the temperature exceeds 99.5-degrees F.

By not contacting the skin, it remains clean and hygienic.  However, if it does become contaminatBest thermometersed, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or ball and let it evaporate to be sterile again.

The thermometer can also give you temperatures of your baby’s bottle of milk.  See the instructions for all you can measure.  It is designed for doctors, pediatricians, home users to ±0.4-degrees F. for this medical infrared thermometer.  You will find a button to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, silent, and audible modes.  You can store and recall up to 20 previous readings.

It shuts off automatically after 10-seconds and comes with a carrying case to protect the thermometer.

Best thermometers

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with instructions for how to operate.  You will receive a 1-year Warranty.  It is made in China.

5. ANKOVO Medical Digital Stick Thermometer Oral, Rectal, and Armpit for Baby

Best thermometers

The ANKOVO stick Best thermometersthermometer, ASIN B06ZXRQTXV on®, is a best seller with satisfied customer results.  It has a soft gentle tip to be noninvasive and pain-free to infants and young children.  It is waterproof, CE, and FDA approved.

Everyone in your family can use it to measure oral, armpit, or rectal temperature accurately in 8-seconds with a bye-bye sound when it’s finished that will have your stressed youngster giggling now.  The accuracy is ±0.4-degrees F. (0.2-degrees C.).  To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, just press one button.


Best thermometers

The fever alarm will alert you with a sound and red backlight when the temperature is over 99.7-degrees F. (37.6-degrees C.).  The unit remembers the last readings to keep track of temperatures for your patient or family member in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

Use hot soapy water or an alcohol wipe to disinfect after each use. It uses a DC3V lithium battery.

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with instructions for how to operate.  You will receive a 1-year Warranty.  It is made in China.

6. Braun® ThermoScan® 5 Digital Ear Thermometer for Infants, Toddlers, Adults

Best thermometers

The Braun® ThermoScan® 5 IRT6500, item model number IRT6500US in the USA sells as a top choice on® at a moderately priced thermometer for everyone.  What I like best about this thermometer is that its tip is prewarmed to not startle baby’s ears or anyone’s ears being cold.  It is easy to use and has the ExacTemp® positioning system that lets you know it’s sitting in the ear canal correctly for an accurate temperature.

You will have a ligBest thermometersht and beep tone when the temperature is finished.  The memory lets you recall the last temperature to keep track of changes on the digital display.  It comes with 2 each AA batteries and 21 each latex- and BPA-free lens filters to prevent spreading germs with a storage case for protection.  You cannot use the thermometer without the lens cover and they can be reused up to 7 times before discarding.  If you want to buy more, you can buy 80 each under $12 here.Best thermometers

The thermometer is 6-inches tall being portable to take with you anywhere.  It reads out in Fahrenheit or Celsius when you press the power button.  See your instruction manual for the method.  You will have your temperature reading in less than 3-seconds.

Ear scans are more accurate for body core temperature than the forehead or underarm types.  The thermometer is a top brand among doctors, nurses, pediatricians, and healthcare providers.  The Braun® has won many awards for its design and technology.

Gift-wrapping is available for family loved ones, friends, baby showers, and any occasion.  It comes with instructions for how to operate.  You will receive a 2-year Warranty.  The Braun® is designed in Germany, made in Mexico, manufactured by Kaz USA, Inc., under license to the Braun® trademark of Braun® GmbH, Kronberg, Germany, and this is shown on the box you get.

Kaz USA Braun® ThermoScan® 5 video.

Demo of Braun® ThermoScan® 5 video.

Final Thoughts

The buying guide above should give you lots of information for determining your needs for your family’s best thermometer.  It’s best to read customer reviews and comments on to see what others think of their thermometer.  Be well, be happy, and happy shopping.

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