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Showering with the best shower chairs for safety and comfort makes it much safer for those with disabiBest shower chairslities or age-related problems with standing and balance.  They are freestanding in your shower or bathtub for you to be safe without falling when you sit comfortably to enjoy your shower.

Shower transfer benches are another thought when you want to sit down outside the tub and then slide across the seat to be in the shower.  This eliminates balancing outside, moving your legs to step over the tubs edge and then sitting down.  That could be a serious safety issue for those with leg issues for strength.

Who’s at Risk for Falls?

If you think your kitchen is the most dangerous place, think again.  Your bathroom, the smallest room in your house, is the most dangerous plBest shower chairsace, especially to your bones.  Besides germs and soap scum, getting inside a bathtub-type shower can be difficult for some people and the bottom of the tub or shower standalone stall can be a hazard with their typical slick floors.  You can lose your balance, faint, slip and fall when you are ill, have an injury, or other physical challenges.

Falls at about 80% are the cause for most bathroom injuries.  This happens most with seniors and one-third of them 65 and older had fractures such as of the hip probably from osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones.  This happens mainly with women who then go to the hospital for care.  Men do not fall as often due to their lower body muscle strength and bone mass and seldom visit the hospital if they do fall most likely due to male pride and mortification.

These injuries occur from showering!  It’s from those slippery, wet shower floors they are trying to stand on.  Give yourself or someone a gift of kindness—a shower chair for safety.

A drop in your blood pressure can cause fainting.  This can happen after sitting or lying for a long time.  YouBest shower chairs will feel light-headed or dizzy.  Medication or dehydration could cause it if you don’t drink enough water throughout the day.  It’s a good idea to have a blood pressure monitor on hand for checking your numbers.

Use grab bars at your tub, shower, and toilet, walking, and when using a treadmill for seniors to improve muscle strength and balance.  If you need to know your patient’s heart rate see the monitors and also pulse oximeters for checking pulse rate for patients, yourself, and loved ones.

Features to Consider for Your Best Shower Chair

Shower chairs can be a simple stool type or come with backs and arms.  You will feel safer, you are safer, and you will not be fatigued when you get out of the shower.  They have nonslip feet, are made of heavy-duty plastic or aluminum that will not rust.

Some chairs are rated up to 400-pounds for the weight of the person.  Chairs should be adjustable and be lightweight.  Always check the chair seat measurements to your bottom’s size.  You will want to check that the chair complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications and standards.  I would check for a Warranty as well for what to do if something breaks.

The reviews for the best shower chairs for seniors, quadriplegics, and disabled are evaluated below for your selection choice for someone you love who wants to have a safe bath.

Best Shower Chairs for Safety and Comfort

1. Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare tub transfer bench is a blessing for getting into the shower in your bathtub, or using in a standalone shower as well but check the measurements below for fitting.  The item model number 12011KD-1 is a best-selling chair on® for under $50 and that is an excellent cost for its many features.  The color is a light gray.

The design and functions of the chair will help you when entering and leaving the tub for a sense of independence not needing to rely on others and maintaining your privacy as well.  The A-frame construction is sturdy and safe providing maximum stability.

No tools are needed to put the aluminum unit together.  The seat and back are made of durable plastic.  Just attach the back, legs, aBest shower chairsnd one arm to include a pinch-free lever that allows for push pins to be depressed without pinching fingers for safety during installation.  The blow molded plastic provides stability and the chair back is reversible to fit any bathroom size.

The 2 column legs extend for different heights and the seat adjusts in 1/2-inch increments.  The bench chair weighs 10-pounds.

The seat measurements are 18.50- to 19.50-inches deep x 26-inches wide x 17.50- to 22.50-inches tall seat to floor.

The outside lBest shower chairsegs are 23-inches deep x 32-inches wide.

The overall height is 17.75 inches and the overall length is 19.75 inches with an overall width of 29-inches.

The bench will hold a person weighing up to 400-pounds.

The leg feet are extra-large non-slip suction cups that will adhere to your tub floor and room floor for stability.

You can put the side handle to either side for what’s best for you or remove it completely.  The back can be removed or simply don’t attach it.

The chair has drainage holes to get rid of water.  The pebble textured seat keeps you from sliding off and you can move across it easily.  The chair is not foldable but can be partially taken apart; why would you want to if used daily?

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

Gift-wrapping is available, and this would be a great gift for those you love with mobility issues getting in and out of the shower.  Instructions come with it and it’s made in China.

How to assemble video.


2. Vaunn Medical® Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

The Vaunn Medical® shower chair, ASIN B06Y6CDVK4 on® is a best-selling chair for using in the shower if you have chBest shower chairsallenges getting in and out.  Anyone and seniors, those with injuries and those with disabilities can relax and shower independently.  The seat and back of the chair are white.

Made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum, the frame will support a person weighing up to 300-pounds.  The frame is lightweight and will not corrode.  The legs are angled to be steady and the leg tips are made of rubber for not slipping on wet tub floors.  The feet are not suction cups.

Its drainage holes are small, and the polyethylene plastic seat is 19.50-inches wide x 12-inches deep being very comfortable when showering.  The seat is 9-inches from the floor.  The leg width is 18-inches apart for the front and 17-inches apart for the rear legs.

The back of the chair removes, and the legs have height adjustments.  The chair is easy to assemble Best shower chairsusing no tools.

The chair weighs 4-pounds without the back and 6-pounds with the back support.  The side handles are built in for lifting and moving the chair.

The chair cannot be folded but the legs can be removed for storage.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love having challenges getting in and out of the shower.  You will receive instructions and the chair is made in China.

3. Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

The Platinum Health Carousel premium, padded seat, back, and arms, sliding transfer bench and bath and shower chair is the perfect bathroom support for individuals with decreased and/or painful mobility challBest shower chairsenges.  The ASIN B0184P0UZ2 is an excellent chair for your elderly parents when they are in nursing homes.  Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not invest in this type of chair for challenged seniors and disabled residents.  This is a must have for an older mom and dad.  Not only will the users be safe, they will be comfortable.

Those you love will appreciate the swivel seat and arms that pivot in a home setting too.  When the best shower chair with arms go straight back it’s easier to get the person out of the chair and into a wheel chair if necessary.

The legs adjust for different shower sizes and the legs adjust up and down as well.  This chair will save space wherever you put it due to its innovative engineering and design to prevent falls and skin tears, scratches, or abrasions.

The chair will not protrude into the bath area such as the non-swiveling chairs because the seat swivels to be out of the way.  The padding provides warmth to the body’s sensitive skin whereas plastic seats will not do because they feel slick and cold.

The surface areas are easy to clean and disinfect for hygiene best practices made of medical grade closed cell molded polyurethane padding and will not absorb water.  With the frame made of aluminum, it will not rust and should last a lifetime fitting any Best shower chairsbathtub anywhere.  Bleach is safe for cleaning when used in the standard 10:1 ratio.  Other standard professional disinfectantants like quaternary ammonium and hydrogen can also be used.  The back of the chair can be removed and so can the seat belt.

This chair was designed by smart and analytical healthcare staff knowing the need for what their patients need for safe bathing and transfers from one place to another.  The Carousel is the best chair bench for bathing, showing, and is used and praised by nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors.

The Carousel is used in nursing homes, your home, and anyplace a shower is needed for someone unable to stand alone.  The user will feel psychologically and emotionally safe since they will not fear falling and will not fall.

The chair can be assembled without using tools in about 5-minutes and optional leg extension kits and horizontal travel extension kits are available at if you want the kits.

Notice the chair’s high contrast blue color for seeing the chair easily for those visually impaired or those frightened and confused with dementia.  The chair can be easily seen against other color surroundings to reduce trips and falls that is the leading cause of death by injuries in those over 65 years of age.

The horizontal travel of the seat is 12-inches and the width between the armrests is 20-inches.  The adjustment height for the legs is in 0.50-inch increments.  The frame width from right to left is 34-inches in its highest position setting and 33-inches in its lowest position setting.

The height to the top of the backrest is 35-inches in the highest position setting.  The depth of the frame front to back is 20-inches in the highest position setting and 22-inches in the lowest.  The seat height adjustment is 19-inches for the lowest and 23.50-inches for the highest.  The inside distance between the legs side-to-side is 27.50-inches.

The seat belt is included, and the chair will support the weight of a 330-pound person.  The swivel locks every 90-degrees and it also locks at both ends of the horizontal travel.  The feet are a medium-soft rubber and will not scratch your tub surface.

Gift-wrapping is available for your loved ones and friends.  You will receive instructions and Warranty.  The chair is made in Taiwan.

How to assemble video.

How to use the chair video.


4. ADIRMed Ultra Quiet Automatic Battery Powered Bath Lift Chair

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

The ADIRMed is a quality and convenient battery operated life chair, ASIN B016YO8C5A and model number 945-01, on®.  It is well loved by customers on Amazon with many stars for their ability to easily use it by caregivers and for the user’s convenience as well.  The chair will support 20.50- to 300-pounds weight for the user.  The user can easily get into and out of the tub with comfort and no fear of falling.  It is the perfect chair for those with disabilities, mobility, and standing problems, those with MS (multiple sclerosis) and MD (muscular dystrophy), elders, and even young adults and children with injuries and medical issues.  Our wounded warriors will find this chair a benefit for bathing and this is one of the best shower chairs for safety and comfort.

The chair lowers them into the tub to bathe and lifts them out of the tub effortlessly.

The chair is adjustable from 2.30-inches to 18.80-inches with the back that will recline 50-degrees, but not lay completely flat.  The side flaps flip up when the chair is lowered

Best shower chairs

This lift is suitable for use in a 12-inch deep bathtub and works in any bath tub with an internal width of 15.60-inches or more. The width of the seat itself excluding the flaps is 15.60-inches and that is perfect for most people.  The base of the lift is only 12.30-inches wide.

More Measurements:

  • Overall Width: 27.50-inches
  • Overall Length: 36.20-inches with backrest reclined
  • Seat Width: 15.60-inches
  • Seat Height: 2.30- to 18.80-inches
  • Backrest Width: 14.10-inches
  • Backrest Height: 25.10-inches

The 4 suction cup feet will release quickly to remove the chair from the tub.  You have the option to buy 2 more suction cups for the anti-slip bottom.  Maximum comfort will be experienced by the user with the padded backrest and seat.  Additionally, the great feature of this chair is that the back folds for storage until the next time needed.

Best shower chairs

The hand control unit on the top right side for the user sitting is waterproof and floats for bathing in the tub or using the shower spray head.  That makes the controls easy to grab to operate and the buttons are large to easily manipulate.  It attaches with a hook when not being used and uses a lithium-ion quick charging battery.

Charge the battery by using the adapter and plugging the control into the adapter, then plugging the adapter into a wall socket. It takes about 2-hours to recharge.  In the USA, Canada, and Mexico plug the UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet; those in other countries will need to buy a 220/240-Volt adapter to plug into the wall receptacle.

The hand control and headrest are included with the chair.  The chair requires no tools for its 2 simple steps to assemble and it’s made of durable plastic weighing 20.50-pounds.

The dimensions are 17-inches long x 31-inches wide x 10-inches tall and the finished product dimensions are 16-inches long x Best shower chairs36-inches wide x 6-inches tall.

A nice optional piece is the ADIRMed Rotating Transfer Aid that gives even more access to the tub with the lift chair.  You can buy it on Amazon here.  It helps the user swivel their body more centered for being lowered into the tub and lifted out to get off the chair.

You will receive instructions and a 2-year Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The lift chair is made in China.

5. Duro-Med® Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair with Cut-out Seat

Best shower chairs

Best shower chairs

The Duro-Med® (DMI®) sliding transfer bench shower chair with cut-out seat and adjustable legs comes in gray and is just what is needed for many disabled people to shower and bathe.  The item model number 522-1734-1900 on® proves to be lightweight made of rust proof aluminum so easy to lift and move.  It will hold anyone weighing up to 400-pounds.

Easily move and transfer users from walkers and wheelchairs.  The seat will slide from side-to-side to relieve strain on the caregiver or user.  With non-slip surfaces, the textured plastic back and seat holds the user securely to not slip, slide, or fall off.  There is a nylon strap to hold the seat in place for the user.

Put 2 legs outside the tub or shower and 2 legs inside, have the user sit on the seat, and it will easily slide the person across into the tub area.

The seat height adjusts from 19- to 23-inches in 1-inch increments and the seat size is 19- x 14-inches.  The distance between the legs is 38-inches.

Be sure to measure the area for the chair in the bathroom to be used with its dimensions of 39-wide x 18-inches front-to-back x 37-inches tall with legs fully extended.  The chair weighs 14.50-pounds.

The legs are adjustable with suction cup feet to prevent slipping with added stability.  The chair is easy to put together without any tools needed.  The chair does contain latex.

What is great about this chair is that is has a center cut-out that removes so that the user can have it fit over Best shower chairsthe toilet.  My grandmother loves this about the chair so that she can use her walker and sometimes her wheelchair to move right up to the toilet, sit down, and have the height and arm for stability to lean back on the seat rest that is removable.  This gives her and others the privacy they need and dignity they so deserve when disabled or older.  Everyone wants to feel independent all their lives and this helps to achieve that.  Be sure the height will go over your toilet bowel; you might have to remove the lid.  Caregivers can clean the patient’s bottom with the hole in the middle as well.

When assembling, consider if you want it configured left or right.  You will want your tub height to be at least 19-inches.

The seat locks in place, does not rotate, and is comfortable and functional for those with disabilities, knee, and hip replacements, for wounded warriors and anyone needing assistance with this chair getting into and out of the tub.

The chair does not fold up, but with the push buttons on the legs, it can come apart for storage.

Gift-wrapping is available for someone you know needing this versatile tub chair.  You will receive instructions and a 30-day return guarantee if you are sot satisfied.  The Warranty provided by Healthsmart Products® is for 1-year.  Be sure to register your chair at  The chair is made in China.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to read customer reviews and comments on for the best shower chairs for safety and comfort.  The tub and shower chairs are so necessary for elders, those disabled, and anyone with mobility and standing problems.  You will want to measure your bathroom area for fit too.  The best shower chairs for amputees will help them get in and out of the tub or shower with or without help from a caregiver.

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