About me

Read “About Me” to understand why I’m so passionate about health, wellness appliances, and equipment for a better life.

I’ve always loved nature, good food, and enjoyed excellent health.  The mountain in the background I This view is from my backyard patio and the sunsets over the mountains to the west were spectacular and spiritual.

When it comes to health, there are many things we can do to improve it when we eat the best fresh veggies and fruits with ancient grains.  I built a 12- x 20-foot veggie box out of Douglas fir with cedar corner posts, topped it with 3.3-cubic yards of top soil, and have devoured the best-flavored veggies ever!  I grew enough to freeze for the winter months ahead.

The best flavored tomatoes were planted using heritage tomato seeds that are not hybridized being true to their breed. These are Brandywine, pink and red, Cherokee Purple with dark green maroon shoulders, and Mr. Stripey a chartreuse and green vertical striped very sweet small tomato. These tomatoes are used to make tomato hybrids today that to me are more acidic with tougher skins.

Green beans are another favorite and I plant three varieties: Blue Lake, Italian, and Yellow Wax. Each one has a unique flavor and I usually fry the green ones with bacon, onions, and garlic, crisping the ingredients first, then adding the beans with a little water. They are very delicious this way cooked crisp tender.

Black raspberries and blackberries grow along the walkway, and in the summer I make jam, cobblers, and pies giving most away.  It’s a true delight and puts you in touch with your inner spirit.

I love writing about healthful things and products to measure, weigh, or confirm data that is important to so many of our readers. Stop by often and read my guides, product reviews, to find the best manufactured goods in the USA.  You can always leave a comment, ask questions, and they will be answered.  Be blessed with the best health.  Happy shopping!